Born in the United States in 1989, Sasha Mongin, a 2017 graduate of the Ecole des Gobelins, lives and works in Paris.

Her experience as a photographer began in 2012 when, with a degree in Chinese language from INALCO, she moved to Shanghai and produced her first series on the rise of the Chinese middle class.

 Since returning to Paris, Sasha has been striving to produce striking and extraordinary images that captivate the viewers. Colors play an essential role in her work. 

She carefully selects them according to the story that unfolds in her creations. Each hue and nuance is chosen to evoke specific emotions and create a particular atmosphere. Her work is often situated in the world of dreams and the imaginary. 

 She believes in the power of art to transcend the boundaries of reality and take us to unexplored regions of the mind. Through her work, she hopes to offer viewers a refuge where they can let themselves go, escape and contemplate. 

 I'm represented by Zeynep